AngularJS’s declarative markup

Every time a discussion of AngularJS pops up, someone inevitably brings up the fact that Angular wants you to add custom ng-* attributes to your markup. They say that we worked so hard to get away from stuff like: <a onclick="whatever()" href="#">Click me</a> replacing it with jQuery callbacks declared in a separate JS file, and now Angular is trying [...]

Drupal’s Golden Handcuffs

Drupal's main draw is that it gives you the power to do an insane amount of work with zero coding. This is both its blessing and its curse. The blessing Drupal is great for developers for exactly one reason: it's really, really productive. Here's a short list of example things that can be accomplished in Drupal with no [...]

Nerf guns don’t matter

I'm seeing it more and more--job descriptions with perks about nerf guns and happy hour, or new grads who joined a startup and are bragging about ping pong tablesand free coke. This is apparently something that people see as a fun culture, a sign that this is a place you'd enjoy working at and has people you'd enjoy working [...]

Coding skill vs. employee skill

At the extremely basic level, there are basically two good qualities that each programmer should strive for: programming skill and employee skill. Programming skill is basically the ability to write good, solid, performant, maintainable, and all-the-other-desireable-code-adjectives code. This is what coders tend to spend their time harping on and debating about and reading about. Employee skill is [...]

Taco Bell Programming

If you haven't read Ted Dziuba's post on Taco Bell programming, go do that now. It's really a great post. The gist is basically that we can and should be writing programs using the stuff that's been available for tens of years, stuff like bash and xargs and find, and that using the latest and greatest tool [...]

On Google Wave

Google finally threw in the towel with Wave, saying that adoption rates just weren’t as they hoped. Many have said that Wave’s fail was that it launched as an invitation based service, which meant that you couldn’t really use it because Wave can only be used with other Wave users, and none of your friends [...]