I done wrecked it

Well, yesterday I wrecked the boss’s car. Kind of. I’ll give you some background to make it nice and exciting.

Doc sends me out sometimes to get rocks or compost or stuff like that for her house. Yesterday I took the 4runner out to get about a ton of mushroom compost (has anyone ever smelled that stuff by the way? I smelled like I took a bath in diarrhea after messing with it). On the way back, I’m just moseying down Wade Hampton Blvd. going like 35 or so, and the trailer starts shaking a little bit, then a little more, and after about a second it was fishtailing like crazy.

I literally started screaming and trying to correct it because the weight of all that compost was dragging the back end of the car with it so I was swinging across the lanes. Then the trailer shot out a little too far to the left, so the car was at a far enough angle that the tires planted and it flipped.

The driver’s side was on the ground but the glass didn’t break or anything. I sat there for a couple seconds just waiting for whoever was driving behind me to smash into me, but nobody did, so I looked up and there were already a few people gathered around the car screaming at me to see if I was ok. I have no idea how they got there so fast now that I think about it. But I was fine, and I jumped up and out the passenger side door.

Turns out that a tire on the trailer broke its seal and went flat. That’s what caused it. In a few minutes there were cop cars and a couple fire trucks and ambulances there, but most of them left when they found out that I was ok and nobody else was involved. I don’t know how I managed to turn a car on its side in the middle of Wade Hampton at rush hour and nobody else was near me. Lucked out on that one.

After a while, after everyone had left but me, the cop, and Johnathan the office manager (who got there pretty quickly), the cop basically gave us a lecture about towing way too much weight with a 4runner which can’t handle it, and we left.

So that’s my “I flipped a car on Wade Hampton” story. Here’s a crappy cell phone picture so you know I’m not making it up.

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