The working workout

On any given week, I have a few hours of double booked meeting recordings and trainings. In the past, I’d listen to those at a computer, meaning I’d be distracted by Slack and email. So I’ve started listening to them on my phone while running or working out. There’s no distraction so I get more … Continue reading The working workout

Shame vs. guilt

It’s another cliched Brené Brown instagram-meme-ish topic, but the core is simple and useful.

Lose touch with people

It doesn’t mean I don’t like you, it just means you’re not on my square squad and I’m probably not on yours either.

Schedule 1-1s right before standup

Here’s why: You both need to leave on time, so there’s never any “ah, we’re at time, do you need to run?” funny business. I’m very guilty of that. Butting a meeting up against another meeting is better for the maker’s schedule than lots of choppy meetings spread throughout the day, killing any hope of … Continue reading Schedule 1-1s right before standup

The Stress List

If you feel vaguely stressed and you can’t figure out why, try making a stress list.

House painting and team focus

Your three room apartment needs its walls painted so you get (i.e., beg) two friends to come help.

“You run like a big cat.”

“A race?” The child laughed again, obviously wary of being teased. “But where are your opponents?” He said it oh-po-nuts.

Do the stuff nobody else is doing

I became an engineering manager about eight months ago and immediately had no idea what I should be doing.

Brady Grapehouse

“You weren’t allowed to hide behind your own illusions because Brady did not hide behind his.”

The simulation

If someone gave you a perfect simulation of today’s world to play in and told you that it’s all fake with no actual consequences…

Death to meaningless business-speak

There’s some top secret training course out there called How to Speak Professionally Without Ever Saying Anything. I’m sure of it. And senior leaders of medium to large companies are legally required to take it.

Fear rules the world

I once read an article somewhere that said fear is the determining factor in the average person’s career path.

Am I doing a good job?

I spend each day wondering how I’m really doing (and worrying that the answer is “not great, dude”) and it’s exhausting.

Put it in writing

There’s something about writing it down that makes it real.

Severe clear

Severe clear: an aviation term airline pilots use to describe a bright blue sky with seemingly unlimited visibility. Severe clear conditions usually occur following a storm.

The five BS rules for life

When they’re written out, they’re obviously toxic. But most of us spend our entire lives following them.

Speaking more while speaking less

The other day, I realized that the more-often-but-smaller principle applies to me with speaking in meetings.

Avoid boring people

Great rule to live by, because it works in two ways.

What’s your native genius?

And the more interesting question: how can you take two or more of those talents and combine them?

Assume they’re venting

Nobody wants to say “stop helping me, I’m just venting.” But it’s easy for them to say “so what should I do?”


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