Your pain is your purpose

About a year ago, I wrote “If you don’t know who you are, pay attention to what you get mad about”. Now, I think “mad” is a little too narrow minded…

Your labels expire

The more you accept that your labels expire, the smaller your identity becomes. And I think that’s a good thing!

Use push-to-talk!

In a house full of noisy kids, this is the way.

Unmute to laugh!

I don’t care if it’s a giggle or a chuckle or a chortle or a guffaw or a good old fashioned belly laugh. I want to hear it.


I have talked a lot lot lot lot lot lot about my crippling Slack addiction. But it all really comes down to one thing, the only thing that consistently works for me, and has for years…

The (remote) walking 1-1

With Zoom on my phone and a decent bluetooth headset, I can go for a walk AND have a (video-less) 1-1 chat.

The two minute rule for GTD

The problem I have is that most of my less-than-two-minute todos are defined while I’m on a 1-1 with someone.

Types of running workouts

Every running training plan seems to use different names for types of running workouts so here’s a little glossary.

Whiten your teeth

It’s cheap, you can do it at home, and a whiter smile makes everyone a little bit nicer to you.

Writing tasty tasks

A tasty task is one that makes you want to do it, and doesn’t fill you with “ugh”.

I barely use Google anymore

ChatGPT is better than Google at answering half of my questions, and Reddit is better at answering the other half.

Death to purple prose

“His eyes are two buckets of rainwater: deep, fresh, clear. Hurt.” 🤮

The “Shut Up And Write” meeting

I know, it makes no logical sense to join a meeting where no one is allowed to talk. But it works wonders for motivation and accountability.

What I want in a job

The book Coaching From Essence talks about finding your “essence” and says to make three lists of clues…

Parroting my blog posts

Sometimes I feel like the person I’m talking to could search my blog and save us both time.

Swap out your shoelaces

New shoelaces can make boring shoes look cool and make old shoes look fresh.

Am I OK with feeling like this indefinitely?

What if I had a crystal ball that could tell me that in one year, I’d feel exactly the same way. Would that be enough for me to pursue a big change, right now?

The five minute rule for procrastination

Out of the bajillion methods for killing procrastination, this is one of the only ones that has consistently worked for me for years.

9-slide presentations

“We often focus on how the colon works versus showing the cool shit”

Estimate relatively, not absolutely

Humans are bad at saying how many hours something will take. But we’re pretty good at comparing two different somethings and deciding which is bigger.

Beware issues that are born in “Doing”

If a ticket is created in “In Progress” and skips right past the backlog, then it’s probably unplanned work. And unplanned work is almost always at least one type of waste.

The physiological sigh

The “physiological sigh” is an example of a bottom-up stress management technique that can be used acutely to reduce stress or anxiety.


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