90% of everything is crap

I like Sturgeon’s law for a lot of reasons. But most of all, I like it as a nudge to try harder to like things.

Death to covert contracts

“If I do X, then you’ll do Y, even though neither of us have acknowledged it.” This is crap.

Consistency before quality

Do anything consistently for a long time (meaning multiple years), and you’ll be good at it.

Your employees are your customers

ICs (independent contributors, aka non-managers) serve the customers, and the rest of the organization serves the ICs.

Audience friendly goals

Write your goals so that outsiders can understand the difficulty and judge completion.

Atomic blog posts

There’s no law that says a blog post needs more than one idea or more than one sentence.

Don’t flip the bozo bit

So you work with an idiot. I know you do, because everyone does. The question is: what do you do about it?

Making success controllable

Tim Ferriss selects projects where he wins even if they fail. We can do that too.

The 12 Week Year: 2021 round 1

The 12WY is a framework that helps me spend time each week working towards my life goals. In the spirit of The Year of Courage, I’m going to start posting my 12WY plans here on the blog.

2021: The Year Of Courage

Yearly themes are like the agile version of New Year’s resolutions. A good one has a firm “what” and “why” but a flexible “how”. My theme for 2021 is The Year of Courage.

Death to private chats

I see you serial DM’ers, defaulting to 1-on-1 chats instead of team chat rooms. You may mean well, but you’re a thief.

Just start a dang blog already

I’m talking to you, Mr. or Mrs. Person who keeps saying “I should really start a blog.” Yes, you should. So do it!

2020: My year of mantras

It’s been a year full of life rules for me. These are the ones that have stuck.

5 second feedback

And they said it couldn’t be done!

Intense intervention or acceptance. Pick one.

Dear future me, So you’ve got a problem, yeah? If it’s really a problem, then attack it with the force of a thousand suns. If you’re not willing to do that, then it’s not a problem. Intense intervention or acceptance, those are your options. Pick one, right now. Sincerely, past me.

Avoid avoiding

In which I realize I have social anxiety.

Be the trampoline

“I’ve found that whenever you ask a question, the first response you get is usually not the answer—it’s just the first response.”


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