The perks of social anxiety

Most positives have their negatives, and most negatives have their positives.

Color-coded calendars

Now I can see at a glance where my days are going! And I can group related meetings together easier! And it’s colorful!

Ohhh, I see. I have social anxiety.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about dealing with imposter syndrome. Then I read a book about it and noticed that it didn’t resonate with what I was feeling after all. So I spent a few weeks pondering…

To maximize or to satisfy…ze

Think about your core values. Is the goal to maximize each of them? Or do you want to find some satisfactory level and stay there?

Curing my Slack addiction

A while back, I wrote about my group chat addiction. I’ve done two things that have helped a lot since then.

Team bonding in misery

What’s an engineering team’s version of “hanging off a cliff together, and being wet and cold and miserable together”?

People can’t jell with multiple teams

There are a lot of reasons not to split someone’s time between two or more teams. But the one that never gets talked about is jelling.

Rebel leadership, rebel innovation

This quote from Peopleware touched my soul. It’s about becoming a leader, the hard (and only) way. Read it.

Stop blaming office politics

Blaming “politics” is a lazy way of saying “not my fault.” But it is your fault, because everything is your fault.

Servant leadership is a trap

Too many people use “I’m a servant leader” as a defense for doing nothing unless someone asks for help. It’s a tasty phrase that bad leaders use to justify inaction.

Give gifts that people want

The vast majority of gifts are a waste of money. But the receivers are so experienced at faking excitement that the givers never realize how much their gifts suck.

Take pride in ending meetings early

Subconsciously, I’ve always felt like I needed to fill the time. A shortened meeting was a source of embarrassment for me, not pride.

The wisdom of procrastination

It sucks when the thing I’m procrastinating is unavoidable, but most “unavoidable” things actually aren’t.

The gift of a sunk cost

A gift is not an obligation. You can do what you want with it.

Working through “The Imposter Cure”

Imposter syndrome sucks and I’m working through a rough case of it. Whenever something’s hard for me, I read a book about it.

Imposter syndrome is self-fulfilling

By feeling like an imposter, I end up acting like one. We become what we are told we are, and I told myself that I’m an imposter.

Does every team need pawns?

Are pawns on a team necessary to that team’s health, or damaging to it?

Retros shouldn’t be easy

When someone says retros aren’t valuable, they usually mean easy retros aren’t valuable.

Meeting everyone at a new job

If you ask everyone you meet who else you should meet, they’ll try hard to think of someone that nobody else has suggested.

Be a better coworker

So you want to be a better coworker. He’s what you do.

Respect the silly

“The silliness level of a team is a decent proxy for jelling, which is a decent proxy for performance.”

Beware of exception debt

It’s hard to make a small group suffer for the sake of a larger goal, but it’s necessary.

Who cares if you’re liked?

Being liked is a trap, so put on your big boy britches and muster up the courage to be disliked.

Blogging as a Zettelkasten

Write a bunch of short, atomic posts and cross-reference them and you’re golden.


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