Drupal 8 Cache API examples cheat sheet

Here are some random useful snippets for dealing with caches in Drupal 8, just because I keep having to dig them up from the API.

I’ll try to add more here as I go.


// Set an expiring cache item
\Drupal::cache()->set('cache_key', 'cache_data', $expiration_timestamp);

// Set a permanent cache item
\Drupal::cache()->set('cache_key', 'cache_data', CacheBackendInterface::CACHE_PERMANENT);

// Set a permanent cache item with tags.
\Drupal::cache()->set('cache_key', 'cache_data', CacheBackendInterface::CACHE_PERMANENT, array('tag_one', 'second_tag'));

// Fetch an item from the cache
$cache = \Drupal::cache()->get('cache_key');
if (!empty($cache->data) {
  // Do something with $cache->data here.

// Invalidate a cache item

// Invalidate multiple cache items

// Invalidate specific cache tags
use Drupal\Core\Cache\Cache;


// Note that the invalidation functions also exist for deleting caches,
// by just replacing invalidate with delete.

// Flush the entire site cache.

The end!

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