How COVID-19 affected my family’s spending

I was looking through some reports in YNAB and I thought this was kind of interesting. For reference, I’m married with 4 young kids in South Carolina, and my job has luckily been stable throughout.

Money spent on gas:

When the virus hit, we went 2 months without spending a cent on gas. That has never happened since I first learned to drive 20ish years ago.

Money spent on restaurants:

Restaurant spending also divebombed early this year, with a steady buildup since then.

By the way, I have no memory of the end of last year, but apparently we decided cooking was stupid.

Money spent on groceries:

Grocery store spending peaked in March and April. That’s half due to the fact that we stopped eating out, and half due to us stocking up on pasta and canned goods just like everyone else.

It also peaked last December, which makes sense because all those Christmas feasts need lots of groceries.

Money spent on shopping

Shopping dropped dramatically after Christmas because we were dead broke, and didn’t climb back up like it normally would, because we were stuck at home instead of wandering around at stores.

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