“Jobs To Be Done” is a terrible name

Jobs to be done (JTBD) are the mechanisms that cause a consumer to adopt an innovation.

But when people hear the name, they think it’s a smart-sounding way of saying “task” or “todo”.

Let’s first talk about what JTBD really means. A good JTBD has 3 characteristics:

  1. It is solution-agnostic
  2. It results in personal progress
  3. It’s stable-ish over time

For example, if John buys a grill, his JTBD is not that he wants to grill some burgers. Grilling burgers doesn’t satisfy any of those 3 criteria.

  1. It’s not solution agnostic. There are only a few ways to grill burgers.
  2. It doesn’t result in personal progress when completed. He hasn’t progressed as a person, because he now has burgers.
  3. It isn’t stable over time. Once he’s made the burgers, he’s done with his urge to make burgers for a while.

Maybe John bought the grill because he wants to be a better entertainer for his friends. That’s a better example of a JTBD.

  1. It’s solution agnostic. There are countless ways to become a better entertainer.
  2. It results in personal progress. Being a better entertainer means he progressed as a person.
  3. It’s stable over time. When he buys the grill, he doesn’t stop wanting to be a good entertainer. That JTBD lives on.

So let’s rename Jobs To Be Done, just for fun. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Emotional Betterments
  2. Life Improvements To Be Had (LITBH, super catchy)
  3. Customer Progress Desires
  4. Progression Stories (because “story” is trendy)
  5. Consumer Personal Enhancement
  6. Personal Gain Opportunity (PGO, is that an airport?)

Even something vague and cool sounding like “Tablesaws” or “Wind Whistles” would be better, because at least that wouldn’t give people the wrong idea.

How would you rename JTBD? Tweet me and let me know.

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