Interviewing just because

I’ve been at my current company for 7 years, and I’m a raving fan of it. But when a decent looking job opportunity comes my way, I apply. Whenever I can interview for something interesting, I do it.

Why? A few reasons:

  • The only way to know if my company pays me fairly is by comparing to offers I get from other companies. Without that, how would I know my worth to the market?
  • Low stakes interviews are good experience. Whenever I do eventually need a new job, I’ll be better at interviewing and less stressed about it.
  • Interviews are efficient at pointing out my weak points. If I stumble on questions about roadmapping or testing automation or whatever, then I know that I should beef up those skills.
  • A job offer is proof that I’m not trapped in my job. If I turn it down, I’m staying because I want to, not because I have to. The opportunity to leave makes staying more fulfilling.
  • Interviews are fun when my livelihood isn’t on the line. I get to talk about the stuff I love with someone who is asking to hear about it. How often do you get that in everyday life?
  • Someday I may get the killer offer that I can’t turn down, and if I don’t interview then I’ll never know.

Am I wasting the interviewer’s time, when I have no plans to quit? No, I always tell them that I’m happy at my current company. If they still want to interview me, they know that I would need a killer offer at the end to make the leap. So far, no one has said “never mind” after hearing that, but they have an out if they want it.

Do you interview when you don’t need a job? Why or why not? Tweet me and let me know.

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