Slide deck presentations are the worst way to share knowledge remotely

Nobody is paying attention to your remote slide deck presentation. In person? Sure. But not remote. They’re distracted. They’re multitasking. The internet is irresistible when there’s nobody watching over their shoulder.

They’re catching up on email or checking Slack or playing online poker or getting some actual work done. At best, they’re listening to you in the background.

Give it up. Stop spending hours putting together presentations that help no one.

Instead, write up a document and share it around ahead of time. Let people read it and understand it on their own. Or, do what Amazon does and set aside reading time for it at the beginning of the meeting to remove all excuses.

Then the meeting itself can be a Q&A or a discussion instead of a presentation. You can use your time together to be together and to dig into the topic as a group. It’ll be more valuable for everyone, including yourself.

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