100 daily blog posts

I’ve published a blog post every one of the past 100 weekdays. That’s 20 weeks of daily blogging. I wrote a post about it after 8 weeks, so here’s another one.

It’s fair to say this habit has changed my life.

It’s life changing, and it’s fun. I look forward to it every time.

In terms of stats, these 100 posts have gotten about 96,000 views so far. 67,000 of those views came from the top 5 posts:

The 80/20 rule at work, as always.

When I try to convince people to try it, they say they don’t have time or they will run out of topics. Well, prove it! Try it as an experiment!

Here’s what I do:

  1. Whenever I have an interesting thought or come across an idea in a book that resonates, I make it the title of an empty blog draft. (Bonus: this helps to remember what I read!)
  2. Every morning, when I sit down at the computer, I pick one of those drafts and write about it. Just ramble, who cares! If it’s crap, I’ll write another one tomorrow anyway.
  3. Publish, then get started with my work day.

That’s it. Simple, as the best processes always are. Anyone can do it.

Try it for a week and see if you want to keep it going. It only gets easier as you go.

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