A lot of loose ends

My father-in-law died today after a 5 week battle with COVID-19. 

He was warm and curious, ruffled and safe. He built gorgeous guitar amps and cooked banging clam spaghetti. My kids loved Pop-pop’s house more than any place on earth. 

He’s been there for me since my own dad died when I was in college. He was my best man when I married his daughter, my wife. My poor wife. He was ours, and now he’s gone.

I’ve lost a few important people and the part that always gets me is the loose ends. The half done side project, the partly read book, the full clothes hamper.

All of the unresolved stuff, the little plans cut short. That’s where it hurts for me. And Pop-pop was into everything. He left a lot of loose ends. 

I’ll miss him often.

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