The wisdom of procrastination

Procrastination is my brain telling me that my work isn’t sitting right with me. It’s saying “hey bud, that task you keep putting off doesn’t fit with what you want for yourself.” Procrastination is wise like that – it knows when I’m rowing against my own current.

It sucks when the thing I’m procrastinating is unavoidable, but most “unavoidable” things actually aren’t. I’ve started using procrastination as a trigger to think “do I really need to do this?”

I’m surprised how often the answer is no, when I push on it hard enough.

Sometimes it’s as easy as delegating or saying no. Other times it’s tougher, but the choice is usually there if I have the courage for it. When I realized I was procrastinating my “unavoidable” heads-down coding work, I quit my job and became a manager.

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