The 12 Week Year: 2021 round 2

If you don’t know what this is, check out my goals page.

12 week goals: March 29 – June 20, 2021

Set your 12 week goal that aligns with your long-term vision and also represents greatness for you in and of itself in the next 12 weeks. Review your long-term and 3 year visions. Decide on the progress that you are willing to commit to achieving in the next 12 weeks.

Goal 1: Perform some sort of public speaking at least 3 times

Contributes to: “I want to get promoted to a position where I’m leading other leaders.”

Weekly tactics:

  • Week 1: Identify the next public speaking opportunity
  • Weeks 2-4: Give a talk
  • Week 5: Identify the next public speaking opportunity
  • Weeks 6-8: Give a talk
  • Week 9: Identify the next public speaking opportunity
  • Weeks 10-12: Give a talk

Goal 2: Read to my kids every day

Contributes to: “I want my kids to have more non-video-game hobbies which I can participate in.”

Weekly tactics:

  • Read 10+ minutes to Henry and Charlie every night before bed
  • Read at least 1 book to William every night before bed

Goal 3: Fix the kitchen sink and garage door

Contributes to: “I want our house to be organized, presentable, and well maintained, with all major problems fixed.”

Weekly tactics:

  • Week 1: Install a new faucet
  • Week 3: Get the garage door fixed
  • Week 5: Get the sink fixed
  • Weeks 6-12: Celebrate about finally fixing that crap after 7 stupid years

Goal 4: Run 250 miles (attempt #2)

Contributes to: “I want to run a half marathon in under 1:40.”

Weekly tactics:

  • Run an average of at least 21 miles each week.

That’s it. I’ll report back on how it goes!

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