Curing my Slack addiction

A while back, I wrote about my group chat addiction. I’ve done two things that have helped a lot since then.

Thing #1: I deleted the Slack app from my phone. I declared bankruptcy on mobile Slack. Now, if I want to check Slack after hours, I have to find a computer. I’m a month into this now and I don’t know if I can ever go back. Things had gotten pretty bad:

I was opening Slack around a thousand times a week on my phone. I don’t use my phone during working hours, so that’s all after hours or during the weekend. I don’t miss that one little bit.

Thing #2: I give myself 15 minutes of Slack allowance per hour, in one minute increments. So when I want to check Slack, I unblock it for one minute. After the minute is up, it’s blocked again.

I love the urgency of the one minute countdown. It’s a constant reminder that I should get in and get out. I can choose more than a minute if I need it, but it all subtracts from the 15 minutes per hour.

I use the Focus app for all of this. Here’s what it looks like:

Focus is automatically activated from 9am-5pm every weekday.
Slack is a blocked application.
I get 15 minutes of breaks per hour.
When I want to take a break, it defaults to 1 minute.

I think these two things combined may be the cure I’ve been looking for all these years. We’ll see!

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