If you keep your options open, you may end up with nothing but a lot of options

If you think “keep your options open” means “sit around and wait” then you’ll end up with many options and zero progress. And the longer you wait, the more all those options lose their value. I know I’ve preached about deciding as late as possible, but there’s a difference between avoiding premature decisions and doing nothing at all.

The book Extreme Ownership has a chapter called “Decisiveness amid Uncertainty” which says that waiting for a 100% certain next step is how people fail. The people who make it are the people willing to take educated risks.

If the only way to make progress is to commit to something, then commit to something. Immediately. Never do nothing. Pick a direction and get moving. If you realize it was the wrong direction, then change directions. That’s agility. The other options are still open, and at least you learned and grew along the way rather than sitting on your hands.

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