It’s not Scrum’s fault that you do it wrong

This post is a great example of people throwing shade at Scrum for things that have nothing to do with Scrum. I see this a lot, and it fills me with grumpies.

Some examples of these types of complaints include:

  • Story points are bad (but story points aren’t a Scrum thing)
  • Planning poker is a waste of time (but planning poker isn’t a Scrum thing)
  • Retros are boring (well, then fix your retros)
  • Standups are pointless (well, then fix your standups)
  • Scrum has too much process (Scrum dictates very little process)
  • Scrum has too many meetings (standups, retro, planning, and review…even in non-Scrum workflows you’d probably still need some version of each of those)

Broadly, the complaints fall into two buckets:

  • Stuff that Scrum doesn’t even say to do, but people assume it does
  • Stuff that teams are doing badly and it’s easier to blame Scrum than fix it

If you think you hate Scrum, then read the Scrum guide start to finish (it’s short, should only take you 20ish minutes) and try to find the parts you think you disagree with.

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