Do I like it, or do I like being seen as a person who likes it?

A while back I pondered on what I’d do if everyone else in the world disappeared. I’ve thought a lot about that since then. It’s tricky business, figuring out if I really like something or if I just enjoy being known as a person who likes that thing.

It feels good to say “I’m a runner” but does that mean I like running? The act itself is kinda horrible sometimes. I’m pretty sure I just tolerate running to feel the joy of “being a runner” (whatever that means).

That’s got me questioning everything. What do I even like? What in the world is intrinsically fun? Video games? Roller coasters? I don’t ever do those things, because “being a person who plays video games” isn’t noteworthy.

I care way too much about my reputation, and I knew that already. But it gets fuzzy. There’s a sticky gray area between liking something and liking the reputation it brings. How do I separate that?

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