Five things I like right now: January 2022

App: Raycast for macOS has replaced my app launcher, my clipboard manager, my window manager, my calculator, parts of my calendar, and most of Finder.

Mug: I bought this Zojirushi mug after I saw that Wirecutter loved it. It keeps drinks hot so long it’s downright bizarre.

Book: The Manager’s Handbook is free online and it’s my new answer to “what is the one book every new manager should read?” It’s 100% wisdom and 0% fluff.

Thing: This cute little teeny hammock is attached to my desk and I prop my feet up on it throughout the day. Brilliant idea. I don’t know why they aren’t more popular.

Music: Balmorhea’s 2021 album The Wind is prime winter mood music. Here’s a sample:

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