My 40 before 40

Here’s are 40 things I want to do before I turn 40 (in June, 2026). Some of them are adventures, and the rest are in line with my goals.

I’ve done some of these things before, (rode a roller coaster, swam in a lake, live sports, live concert) but not in a loooooong time.

Bold ones are already planned/scheduled.

  1. ✅ Complete a marathon
  2. Complete an obstacle course race
  3. Go trail running at Table Rock
  4. Go trail running at Jones Gap
  5. Go trail running at Caesars Head
  6. Go trail running at DuPont State Forest
  7. Complete a triathlon
  8. Self publish a book
  9. Publish 1000 blog posts
  10. Go camping
  11. ✅ Get a massage
  12. Join a CrossFit gym
  13. ✅ Create a Will
  14. Canoe at Paris Mountain
  15. Screen free digital detox weekend
  16. ✅ Volunteer at a race with the boys
  17. Learn a real song on the keyboard
  18. ✅ Speak at a conference
  19. ✅ Become a regular at a coffee shop
  20. Find a non-work friend
  21. Ride in a helicopter
  22. Go ziplining
  23. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
  24. ✅ Be debt free (except mortgage)
  25. Donate blood
  26. Go parasailing
  27. Fly first class
  28. ✅ See a band I like in concert
  29. Go to a rock climbing gym
  30. Go indoor sky diving
  31. Eat vegetables I grew myself
  32. ✅ Swim in a lake
  33. ✅ Attend a live sports game
  34. Redo the kitchen cabinets
  35. ✅ Get nice patio furniture
  36. Ride on a boat
  37. ✅ Clear out the attic
  38. Write a short story
  39. Ride a roller coaster
  40. Learn to walk on my hands

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