Try subtracting before adding

If I take away the “startup founders” part, I’ve got a new rule for life: “Try subtracting before resorting to adding.”


  • My team isn’t learning from each other. Before resorting to adding process, we could try subtracting workstreams to increase collaboration.
  • I don’t like my clothes. Before resorting to buying new stuff, I could try donating everything I don’t love so I’m left with only stuff I do love. (“Does this spark joy?”)
  • I don’t feel well supported by people in my life. Before resorting to adding new friends or mentors I could try removing the people who are the least supportive from my life, leaving a smaller group of my most supportive friends.
  • I’m constantly stressed. Before resorting to medicine or more therapy, I could try simplifying my life and removing anything that’s not critical.
  • People keep zoning out during sprint review. Before resorting to adding more excitement to it, we could try ditching it completely.

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