Who (or what) is on your mental board of advisors?

Stole this from Ali Abdaal’s newsletter:

Consulting my Mental Board of Advisors always helps when I’m stuck on a decision.

The Mental Board of Advisors is a group of 3-4 people (dead or alive) who you admire, and who you know well enough to be able to ask ‘what would [Naval / The Rock / Malala] do in this position?’

My Board includes Tim Ferriss, Derek Sivers, and a few others. Asking ‘what would Tim Ferriss advise me to do in this situation’ actually solves a lot of my problems.

Ali Abdaal

Since reading this, I’ve been brainstorming who belongs on my mental board of advisors. They’re mostly authors. And if I really think about it, it’s not the person that I admire, but the book itself. I don’t know anything about the authors except that they managed to write at least one good book.

So maybe for me it’s the The Mental Board of Books or something…? What would “An Elegant Puzzle” advise me to do in this situation? How would “The Coaching Habit” tell me to handle this?

I’ll see if I can narrow it down to four to keep it manageable. I like the idea, but we’ll see if it’s helpful in real life.

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