ChatGPT uses for lazy parents

(Also see: ChatGPT uses for lazy managers)

If you don’t know what ChatGPT is, it’s really smart AI you can chat with and ask for help on things. Here it is explaining itself:

That’s a silly example, of course. Here are some random examples of useful ones for lazy parents:

  • Generate a 10 question multiple choice quiz where you show an example of either a metaphor, simile, idiom, personification, or hyperbole, and ask which one of those each question contains. (On the fly practice tests for helping with studying!)
  • Write a bedtime story about two boys named William and Thomas who were trick-or-treating when a mean werewolf started chasing them, but don’t make it too scary. (The question “what story do you want the robot to write tonight?” has become a daily ritual around here.)
  • Write an itinerary for a week-long trip to Charleston, SC. All activities should be fun for four boys, ages 4 through 12. (Kid-friendly vacation planning is so much less of a chore now.)
  • What are some creative birthday party ideas for a 7 year old boy who is obsessed with Spiderman? (Because Pinterest is just the freaking worst.)
  • Explain why the sky is blue in a way that a 6 year old can understand. (Or why do trees have bark, or why are car engines in the front, or where do bugs go in the winter, etc.)
  • I have a ton of colored card stock and some puff balls. What are some crafts I can do with them? (Great answers here, such as: “Puff ball frames: Cut out different shapes from the card stock, glue puff balls to create designs and then insert a photo of your choice, this will make a fun photo frame.”)
  • Write a rap song about Spiderman and make sure to include lots of references to macaroni and cheese. (Junk like this gets my younger kids in hysterics).
  • What are some possible catchy names for a lemonade stand? (With such bangers as “Lemon-Licious” and “Sweet & Sour Shack”.)
  • What are some long (over 300 page) books that I can read to my 6 year old? (I used this one just yesterday).

And if you want some more ideas, ask ChatGPT:

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