Poor man’s team bonding: recurring Slack threads

Bonus points for cheesy thread names. Examples:

  • 📷 MONDAY PICDAY 📷 Post a pic you took recently!
  • 🧠 TEACH ME TUESDAY 🧠 What’s something (useful or useless) you’ve learned lately?
  • 😡 WEDNESDAY VENTS-DAY 😡 Vent about something. No advice allowed!
  • ♥️ THANKFUL THURSDAY ♥️ Who are you thankful for today?
  • 💅 BRAGGY FRIDAY 💅 Come shamelessly brag about something!

(Monday and Friday need better names, I know. I’m workshopping them.)

The tricky bit is finding the right time of day to auto-post them. Some teams are more talkative in the afternoon and others like the thread to be waiting for them when they start the day. Timezones make it tougher.

And different teams like different topics! I had one team that loved to Braggy Friday and another team that never responded to it at all.

Experiment with it and see what people enjoy.

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