Static sites should be the default

Let’s define a “static” site to mean that each page is just a regular old HTML file sitting in directory. In other words, if you visit /about-us in a browser, then you’re sent the HTML file that lives at /about-us/index.html which contains the entire page. Obviously, nobody wants to sit there and edit each HTML file individually, so fabulous […]

A minimal .vimrc file

For those of you who work on a lot of unfamiliar servers, you probably use vim a good bit. It can be useful to have a simple, small .vimrc file that you can just copy to wherever to set some sane defaults. Here’s the one I use for that. It fixes indenting, syntax highlighting, and […]

JIRA ticket template in the 3 C’s format

If you’ve never heard of the 3 C’s, here’s some context. Basically, it’s a strategy for writing issues/tickets that breaks them into the Card (user story), the Conversation (documentation and detailed requirements), and the Confirmation (testing steps and acceptance criteria). Here’s a concise little template that you can copy and paste when creating JIRA tickets. h2. […]