Static sites should be the default

Let’s define a “static” site to mean that each page is just a regular old HTML file sitting in directory. In other words, if you visit /about-us in a browser, then you’re sent the HTML file that lives at /about-us/index.html which contains the entire page. Obviously, nobody wants to sit there and edit each HTML file individually, so fabulous […]

A minimal .vimrc file

For those of you who work on a lot of unfamiliar servers, you probably use vim a good bit. It can be useful to have a simple, small .vimrc file that you can just copy to wherever to set some sane defaults. Here’s the one I use for that. It fixes indenting, syntax highlighting, and […]

JIRA ticket template in the 3 C’s format

If you’ve never heard of the 3 C’s, here’s some context. Basically, it’s a strategy for writing issues/tickets that breaks them into the Card (user story), the Conversation (documentation and detailed requirements), and the Confirmation (testing steps and acceptance criteria). Here’s a concise little template that you can copy and paste when creating JIRA tickets. h2. […]

Grav CMS for Drupal developers

If you’ve never heard of it, Grav is a pretty neat little flat-file CMS. If you’re a Drupal developer, words like “flat-file” and “neat” and “little” are probably foreign to you. This post is an attempt to explain what Grav is, why it’s neat, and how to use it, in terms that you’ll understand. Wait, […]

An insulting guide to budgeting

The cold harsh reality is that we have to balance the budget.Michael Freaking Bloomberg “But I don’t want to budget! Sticking to a budget is such a chore! Entering all my transactions is so hard!” Yeah, whew, that’s a tough one. But you know what is even harder? Being hopelessly, desperately poor. Or, maybe try […]