Working with me

Well hi there! If you’re reading this, we started working together. This self-absorbed document is my attempt to get us started on the right foot. I stole the idea from here and here.


If you want to talk to me, ping me on chat. Use the most appropriate team room if you can (and beware of private conversations), but if it needs to be private, then a 1-1 message is okay.

If it’ll take longer than a minute or two to chat about, then let’s chat on a video call.


I work 9am-5pm ET with an hour lunch break every day, which leaves a few hours of quiet nighttime work each week. I almost never start before 9am or end after 5pm.

I may get excited about something and send you a message after hours. If so, I don’t expect you to respond then.


You can’t offend me. It’s scientifically impossible. If you have feedback for me, positive or negative, please just say it honestly. I promise to do my absolute best to ponder on it and respond thoughtfully and curiously rather than defensively.

If you prefer to receive feedback in a certain way then please let me know.


I’m a goofball and I try to keep things light. I’m usually in a good mood. If my goofing around is annoying to you then that’s cool – let me know and I’ll ease up.

If I ever seem mad or upset, I’m probably not. It’s coming across like that because I’m excited or passionate about it.

What I value

What I need help with

  • I’m not a great programmer. You’re probably a better one.
  • I’m have trouble saying things that may upset people.
  • I’m not much of a traveler – I avoid it as much as possible.
  • I’m bad at taking something from 90% to 100%.

Now, what should I know about working with you?

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