Tiny habits. No, like TINY tiny.

I’ve read an obscene amount of books about habits and I’ve been experimenting with habits in my own life for years. One thing I’ve learned is that most people try to start habits that are too big. Even the ones people think are small are too big.

A new habit should be tiny. Teeny tiny. So ridiculously itty bitty that you’re almost embarrassed of it. So tiny that you can do it even on your worst day, when you’re distracted, tired, and in a sucky mood.

  • Don’t read a chapter a day. Read a paragraph.
  • Don’t eat 5 servings of vegetables a day. Eat 1 bite.
  • Don’t work out an hour a day. Do 1 minute.

Resistance to a change is exponentially proportional to the size of the change, so start as small as you possibly can. Then, once that habit becomes your new baseline, you can add to it.

Consistency is the goal above anything else. And if this post hits home for you, check out the book Tiny Habits.

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