Blogging as a Zettelkasten

In mid-2020 I tried to build up a private Zettelkasten, but it felt like a chore. I had to set a daily reminder to remember to add to it, and I couldn’t make it stick. After a couple months I ditched it and started this blog.

I didn’t plan it, but this blog has slowly morphed into its own Zettelkasten. Turns out, a blog makes a great Zettelkasten, and something about it being public brought me excitement instead of boredom.

It’s easy. Write a bunch of short, atomic posts and cross-reference them and you’re golden. If you’re into tags, great. If you want posts to be hierarchical, fine. But you have to keep posting. The more posts you get, the more it starts to feel like a second brain.

It’s the best of both worlds. You build a Zettelkasten-ish second brain of networked thoughts, but with the share-ability and personal branding of a blog.

Give it a shot!

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