Negotiate your dang salary

So you got a job offer. Congrats, woohoo, etc. Maybe the salary is better than you ever could have dreamed of, or maybe it’s a letdown. Either way, negotiate it.

It makes you uncomfortable? Me too, but it’s the only thing I know of that pays $1000 per minute. I dunno about you, but I’d be willing to put up with a heck of a lot of discomfort for $1000 per minute.

You’re worried they’ll revoke the job offer? Okay. See if this seems like a logical thing for them to say: “We spent dozens of hours and tens of thousands of dollars interviewing you and other candidates, and you are the best one. We were excited about hiring you and working with you for years and years, but then you asked for more money so we’re going back to the drawing board.” See how insane that sounds? They won’t be offended. Salary negotiation is a part of any recruiter’s job. They expect it.

You don’t know how? Then learn! Delegate it to yourself! Salary negotiation has the highest ROI of any skill in the world. Here’s what you do:

  1. Read this book.
  2. Do what it says.

That’s it. It tells you when to use email vs. a phone call. It tells you how to figure out exactly what you’re worth. It tells you how to word the counter offer. It tells you everything. Read it and do what it says, and you’ll make $1000 per minute.

Negotiate your dang salary.

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