200 daily blog posts

I’ve posted a blog every weekday for the past 40 weeks. That’s 200 of these lil fellas. Most of them are crap, sure, but most of everything is crap.

It felt like an accomplishment for the first couple months. Then it just became a thing I did. Nowadays it’s like brushing my teeth or putting shoes on.

After the first 100 posts, I wrote some thoughts about the ways it has changed my life. Now that I’ve written another 100, I’ll just add one thing:

These days, I don’t know what I really think about something until I write about it. Instead of “let me think about that,” now it’s “let me write about that.” I can’t feel confident about my thoughts until I’ve written my way through them.

Most weeks, there’s at least one post that ends up saying the opposite of what I “believe” when I start it. In the middle of it, I realize that I don’t agree with myself, and I write my way through it until it makes sense.

Writing is like a physical examination for a thought. Maybe you won’t find anything wrong, but maybe you will. And either way, you’ll leave with clarity.

If you don’t write everyday, try it for a month and see how often you disagree with yourself.

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