“Disagree and commit” is scary

This tweet spoke to me:

That’s why “disagree and commit” is such a beautiful thing. We don’t need to see eye to eye to move forward. Once it’s clear that finding consensus is a losing battle, someone needs to make a call and get everyone to commit.

Of course, there are two obvious risks:

  1. The people who “commit” aren’t really bought in, so they won’t do a good job selling it to their own people. Leaders need to believe in the why in order to convince everyone else to care.
  2. The more this happens, the more the person who can make the final call starts to feel like a dictator. Or the opposite: the person who should make the call doesn’t want to be the dictator, so the argument drags on longer than it should.

I don’t have the answers. I struggle with those on a weekly basis. Disagree and commit is lovely, but hard to get right.

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