Becoming a visionary of people

A few days ago I talked about cultivating the habit of being “unreasonable” as a step towards becoming a visionary.

But being a visionary doesn’t stop with the product. A visionary of people, that’s where the real magic happens. A visionary of people sees their coworkers and direct reports as they could be and delivers the feedback they need to get there.

It’s scary because people have feelings and tech doesn’t. Building a product vision feels tangible and safe. But you’re wasting your talent of unreasonableness if it all goes toward making the product better. It’s a lose lose; your people are robbed of chances to improve, and you have to keep putting up with the same preventable annoyances from them week after week.

People respect you, Mr. or Mrs. Visionary. They want to work with you because they want to learn from you, and they can’t do that if you don’t let them. And there’s no need to doubt yourself any more with your vision of people than you do with your vision of the product. If you think something can be better, you’re probably right.

Be “unreasonable” with your people.

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