Who would you be if work was no longer the axis of your life?

If you spend your non-work time thinking mostly about work, read this article.

A few money quotes:

So ask yourself this: Who would you be if work was no longer the axis of your life? How would your relationship with your close friends and family change, and what role would you serve within your community at large? Whom would you support, how would you interact with the world, and what would you fight for?

I have no idea. Legitimately stumped. I’m going to give this some good hard thought.

A real hobby isn’t a way to adorn your personality, or perform to masquerade your class status. It’s just something you like to do, full stop.

That one is particularly hard for me. See: Do I like it, or do I like being seen as a person who likes it?

If you have partner or parenting obligations, carving out this time is possible, even if it means being intentional and collaborative about clearing that space for each other. Sublimating your desire for activities that don’t involve your children does not make you a more impressive parent; it just makes you a more exhausted and resentful one.

I have never felt so called out.

Do you have trouble imagining being happy if you were to lose your job or career? Does the idea of losing it feel a little like death to you?

That one’s from this linked article. When you put it like that, well yeah. I’d feel a bit lost without my career.

Wouldn’t everyone? No? Oh.

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