Five things I like right now: February 2022

(Here’s last month’s post)

The past month has been a food renaissance for me because I’m trying a meat-and-vegetables-every-meal diet thing, so here’s some food related stuff.

Hot sauce: Siete Chipotle Hot Sauce is my new jam. Makes vegetables taste like I did something besides heated them up.

Nuts: Blue Diamond Salt and Vinegar almonds are almonds, but with salt and vineger. They’re salt and vinegar almonds. It’s a kick in the mouth of healthy fats.

Cooking doohickey: The Ninja Foodi Indoor Grill and Air Fryer is magical. I’ve cooked all kinds of random crap on this thing and it’s always good.

Chicken: Did you know you can buy a whole chicken and throw it in the oven for a while and it’s delicious? And bizarrely cheap? Did everyone know that but me?

Coffee syrup: This sugar free salted caramel syrup is surprisingly great for people like me who only drink coffee with a bunch of junk in it. I just ran out and I miss it already.

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