Planning my ideal week

I’ve been thinking a lot about time management lately. For fun I mapped out what my ideal week would look like. Here it is:


  • Blue = work
  • Salmon = family
  • Purple = sleep
  • Green = friends
  • Yellow = exercise

A few takeaways:

  • That’s a lot of salmon colored blocks. My ideal week includes a ton of family time, but almost all of it is spent doing something (getting ready for school, cooking dinner, etc.).
  • I only want to work 24 hours a week apparently, unless you count exercising as working workouts in which case it’s 33 hours.
  • Even when planning a three-hour family adventure and two separate hour-long nap-time activities on the weekend, I still have ~4h of free time per weekend. So why do they always feel so busy? Laundry for six people adds up I guess.
  • Two hours a night should be plenty of time to cook a legit meal for the family and eat it. But most days I don’t start cooking until 5:45 which makes every it feel rushed and stressful.
  • Starting in August, everyone will be in school by 8:15 (Thomas will be in K4 and will start going earlier) which means I’ll get 45 extra minutes in the morning.

Main takeaway: I have more time than I think if I stick to a schedule, especially on the weekends.

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