“It’s called social media, and it’s mothering you as much as I am.”

I came across this letter, written by Laura Dern (the actress from Jurassic Park and a ton of other stuff) for her daughter.

The whole letter is worth reading, but this part especially stood out to me:

There’s a huge force affecting your generation—it’s called social media, and it’s mothering you as much as I am. This other mother is very influential, and she’s telling you that your value is determined by how many people follow you. She is deciding what beauty looks like and which extravagances add up to a fun life.

What social media is giving young girls right now are the two stories that keep us trapped—the black and the white. At one extreme, everything’s perfect and light, and everyone’s surrounded by friends. The other end of the spectrum seems to glamorize the darkest depression and solitude. But I want you to know that most of your life will happen in the gray spaces between bliss and heartbreak, between having everything lock into place and having it all fall apart. That’s where the grace is.

Laura Dern

I have four young boys, and this “other mother” terrifies me. I think about it every day.

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