Finding our paradigm shifts

Today I learned about the trendy word “pilled”:

To be “pilled” means to be indoctrinated or to gain a new perspective. […] The suffix “pilled” refers to someone who changes their worldview after learning new information.


Got me thinking about the times I’ve been pilled. Here are some of the paradigm shifts in my life that have come from exposure to a new idea:

There are a bunch more.

I’m frustrated that it’s impossible to force these things. I never know when a book or a phrase or an idea will cause a paradigm shift. That’s part of the beauty, but it’s scary. What if I never read Peopleware? My whole career path may have been different. I wouldn’t know what I was missing.

I guess the only way to increase the probability of becoming pilled is to expose yourself to as many different ideas as possible. Sounds like an adventure to me.

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