My list of my lists

Here are the lists I keep up with:

  • Stress list (updated daily) – holds what I’m stressed about day to day so I can make sure I’m working on the most stressful thing that day.
  • Gratitude list (updated daily) – holds whatever I’m thankful for in that moment, because apparently practicing gratitude is a big deal.
  • Suck list (updated monthly) – holds the most sucky things about my life that month, so that I know what I need to fix.
  • Blog post ideas list (updated whenever I have an interesting thought) – I talked about that a few months ago.
  • Goals list (updated every 12 weeks) – holds my short term, mid term, and long term goals according to the 12 Week Year structure.
  • 40 before 40 list (updated monthly) – holds 40 things I want to get done before I turn 40. This spawned from my Year of Adventure.
  • “Want To Read” list (updated whenever I find an interesting sounding book) – I have hundreds of books lined up on my Goodreads, but I’ll never get around to most of them.
  • Gift ideas list (updated maybe a couple times a month) – whenever mentions something they like or want, write that junk down.
  • Personal experiments list (updated weekly) – holds all of the weekly experiments I’ve run on myself
  • Shopping list (updated constantly) – I shout “Hey Google, add X to the shopping list” into the ether a few times a day
  • Todo list (updated constantly) – holds my todos, dumb butt. I use Amazing Marvin because it’s like tinker toys for building your ideal todo list app

Those are the lists that run my life (plus my calendar, which I guess is also kind of a list?). I didn’t realize there were so many until I created this list of lists.

What lists do you keep up with?

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