Five things I like right now: April, 2022

Goals app: Nifty web app that guides you through the process of setting long term goals, creating daily tasks for them, and reflecting on progress. Pairs well with The 12 Week Year.

Storage: Amazon Basics wire shelves. Solid and easy to put together. Not too fancy for the garage, but not too rugged for the pantry or closet either.

Conversation starters: TableTopics cards. Pick a random card, ask the question to the room, and you’ve got yourself an interesting conversation. Great for video calls too.

Word: Griefcase. A synonym for “emotional baggage” but with a heck of a lot more flair. What’s in your griefcase?

Audiobook: Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. One of the most enjoyable audiobooks I’ve heard. Full of great stories and self-narrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

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