Schedule a block of time to play the role of the person you want to be

Here’s a neat productivity strategy that I’m stealing from reddit:

To motivate myself, I choose either a real person I admired or create a perfect character in my head that does all the right things that I want to do.

I then pick a time, and I act as if I am that character for a day, or half a day, or even just a block of 3-4 hours. I prepare a clean workspace the night before and then bring all my favorite things to the study session (favorite pens/pencils, clothes, blanket, candle, fancy coffee) to attempt to make it “fun” and aesthetically pleasing.

When the time comes, I sit down and play the character. Think in their mindset. It feels good to pretend you have your life together for a little bit.

You can apply the same thing to your job. Imagine someone with your job title who is organized and does all the right things carefully and well. The kind of person who would get a promotion. Then pick a day to embody them.

“What would they be doing right now?”

“How would they handle this situation?”

“How would they take action on this?”

It’s fun, motivating, and rewarding. It’s worth a shot.

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