Social facilitation (as a service)

Social facilitation is a social phenomenon in which being in the presence of others improves individual task performance.


That explains why I’m so much more productive at a coffee shop than at home.

If you’re into this, there are businesses built around it. Here’s a short list:

  • Double – join others doing whatever you’re doing (examples: working, running, or painting)
  • Focusmate – video chat sessions with a partner committed to getting a task accomplished
  • Flow Club – virtual co-working sessions with small groups
  • Body Doubling – a forum to find people willing to double up with you
  • Shut Up & Write – virtual and in person meetups for writing specifically

And there’s always the poor man’s version: book a video call with your team and have everyone join, shut up, and do the thing. Works well with procrastinators whenever there’s a thing everyone needs to do, like writing peer reviews or self evaluations.

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