My management philosophy, take 2

A while back I wrote about how I have no idea what my management philosophy is. Since then, I found this madlib-style template for defining one:

So let’s take a crack at it.

  • I’m a culture-focused leader who values joy and growth.
  • You’ll see this when I goof around, slash the number of active workstreams, or run performance check-ins and stay interviews.
  • I support my team by being warm but honest, and by leaning into each person’s zone of genius.
  • I stay aligned with company values by freely giving trust and taking extreme ownership.
  • I thrive in a silly and high energy environment.
  • I commit to making it my job to make you love your job.

Now I’m supposed to turn that into a 1-2 sentence summary of my leadership philosophy. Hmm….I’ll work on that.

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