Click and drag to rearrange Zoom participants

You can click and drag people in Zoom meetings to rearrange and reorder the tiles. It’ll even let you save the order and re-apply it at future meetings. Mind absolutely blown.

This opens up all kinds of “exciting” possibilities:

  • When doing anything where everyone speaks (like intros or whatever), I can move people to the end of the list after they give their intro so I can see who’s left to call on.
  • When I’m in a meeting with people from multiple teams, I can group people with their teammates to see at a glance how an entire team is reacting to what’s being said.
  • In discussion meetings, I can move anyone who talks to the top of the list, so the quiet folks who may need gentle nudging will be obvious at the bottom.

(P.S. This is daily post #600 🥳)

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