Content is time travel

Another one stolen from Ali Abdaal’s newsletter:

Content is Time Travel

This is really true.

For example, Dan wrote his book Key Person of Influence 12 years ago. And all these years later, Chris Do read it, vibed with the ideas, and invited Dan onto his podcast.

So in a way, Dan-from-12-years-ago communicated with modern-day Chris in a time-travelly kind of way. And it let to new opportunities, with the two guys chatting on a podcast, becoming friends, and potentially working together on a business.

So remember – with every piece of content you put out there (especially on a platform with longevity, like YouTube or a blog), you’re leaving a breadcrumb trail that will lead interesting people to you in the future.

Ali Abdaal

I’ve met some top shelf humans that way. Every now and then someone will email me about a post that two-years-ago-me was pondering about and it’s led to a few friendships.

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