ChatGPT uses for lazy travelers

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Here are some good ChatGPT prompts for lazy travelers:

  • “Generate a complete packing list for a three day family trip with four boys, ages 5-13. Group the items together by category (toiletries, clothes, entertainment, etc.).”
  • “Create a fun, family-friendly itinerary for a three day trip to Denver, CO. Include lots of outdoor activities since the weather will be nice.”s
  • “What are some fun games to play to pass the time on a road trip or plane ride with kids that don’t require any materials?”
  • “What are some books that I might like if I like ‘The Nightingale’ by Kristin Hannah? Preferably long books, to keep me busy during a long plane trip.”
  • “What’s the best way to get from Greenville, SC to Newport News, VA (flying, driving, train, etc.) and why? I’ll be traveling alone if that matters.”
  • “If I’m traveling to Orlando, FL in mid-August, how can I decide when to book the flight and hotel to save the most money?”
  • “I grew up in South Carolina, and I’m traveling to Maine soon. Anything I should know about cultural differences so that I don’t accidentally do/say something rude or awkward?”
  • “I’m traveling to Los Angeles and only have one free day with no plans. What are the must-do things I should spend that day on?”

Got any others? Let me know!

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