Don’t give a lot of notice when you quit

From the post “Career Advice No One Gave Me: Give a Lot of Notice When You Quit“:

2 weeks notice is the gold standard when quitting. But giving more notice (a lot more notice) actually has a lot of benefits. Usually you get to:

– Do only the parts of your job you enjoy the most
– Eliminate ~all stress from your job
– Get paid the same
– Extend your benefits for longer
– Take unused vacation time
– Vest more stock
– Get your bonus
– Leave on a positive note
– Be thanked and appreciated by everyone


I disagree for two reasons:

  1. Your company may “accept your resignation immediately” (i.e., fire you right then) when you put in your notice. Then you have a long income-less gap before your start date at the new job.
  2. With a two-week notice, you won’t be asked or tempted to start anything new. Your role is clear; you’re tying up loose ends. With more than a month, your coworkers don’t know how they should work with you. It’s awkward.

Luckily, you can get almost all of the benefits listed above by deciding that you’re going to leave. Your “I’m on my way out” phase can last months even if the actual notice is only two weeks.

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