Snowflake retros

Do retrospective meetings for your project all feel like déjà vu? If so, are the format and the facilitator always the same? Thought so. You’re suffering from zombie retros. It’s an epidemic.

There are so many great retro formats, and so many great people on your team. Use them! Randomize the format and the facilitator, and you’ve got snowflake retros, where each one is unique. It’s a cheat code for killing zombie retros.

Each sprint, ask for a volunteer to run the retro, or set up a rotation. Then randomly pick a format. If you have a seven person team and a bucket of ten retro formats, that’s 70 snowflake retros. If you’re doing two-week sprints, that’s about 3 years of snowflake retros!

Death to zombie retros!

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