Use every second of 1-1s with your boss

There are only two reasons to end a 1-1 with your boss early:

  1. You hate your boss (in which case, why are you still working for them?)
  2. Prod just exploded

If neither of those are true, use that time. Your boss can be many things for you:

And talking to them is free. Actually, you get paid to talk to them. Are you really saying none of that is useful to you? I call BS, and so does your boss.

Milk every second of those 1-1s. Take them seriously. Bring enough topics and questions to each 1-1 that it’s a struggle to get through them all. Keep a running list of future topics, and add to it throughout the week as stuff comes up.

Your boss wants to help you (unless your boss is bad; see reason number one at the top of this post). So make it easy for them.

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