One year of experimenting on myself

Over a year ago, I wrote about doing weekly experiments on myself. I’m still at it. Almost every Monday, I decide which experiment to run that week.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Ask one question every meeting
  • Strict time blocking (including planning Slack time)
  • No carb-only snacks
  • Throw out/donate a bag of junk every day (only lasted 2-3 weeks but it was great)
  • No caffeine (more about that)
  • Never take my phone out of the living room
  • Give someone a random shout out in Slack every day
  • Don’t eat bread
  • Message or text someone I haven’t spoken to in at least a week, every day
  • Stop saying the word “like”

Some of them I’m still doing (like the strict time blocking) and some I ditched right away (like 20:4 fasting and taking baths instead of showers). But I’ve learned from each one.

Run an experiment on yourself next week and see what you learn.

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