A guide to making your phone suck

If you spend more time on your phone than you want to, try these stupid tips:

  1. Delete any apps that suck you in. You know the ones where you spend an hour in there and then feel guilty about it. This could include:
    1. Delete all games. This one should be obvious.
    2. Delete all social networking. “But then I’ll just use the browser!” No you won’t:
    3. Delete the web browser. “But then how will I get info that I need?” I’ll tell you:
  2. Install the Google app. It has a crappy little built in browser for clicking search results.
  3. Make your display grayscale. That’ll up the suck-factor by at least 3x.
  4. Install an ebook reader. Try Libby – it’s your library in your phone.
  5. Finally: Disable the app store using parental controls, and make someone you trust control the password so you can’t reinstall anything in a moment of weakness.

By the end of this, reading books and texting/calling people should be the only fun things you can do to pass time on your phone. You’ll either stop mindlessly pulling out your phone or you’ll read a lot of books. It’s a win either way!

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