Naturally enforced digital detox

We took our four kids to the beach for the last week. When we’re out playing in the sand, I can’t use my phone or else it’d get all sandy. So I didn’t bother taking it out of the bedroom. I loved that accidental digital detox. We just played and hung out, all day, nonstop. The only thoughts on my mind were how to strengthen our sandcastles and which waves were the best to ride.

I’ve always known that I enjoy time with the kids more when we go out and do stuff. Hiking, bounce houses, driving, whatever. I thought it was because the kids behave better when they’re out of our boring house. But now I’m realizing that not having access to my phone is a bigger factor.

When parenting is the only activity I can engage in, and there’s no phone grabbing my attention every minute, I’m a better parent. And kids have more fun and fight less with each other when they’re with a more engaged parent as opposed to a parent who’s doing the bare minimum in between checking a phone.

I hate smart phones.

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