How little could you work without getting fired?

Really think about it. What’s the smallest number of hours you could work per week and keep your boss happy? (If you work remotely and aren’t in meetings all day every day, then the answer probably isn’t 40.)

Say your answer is 30 hours per week, and you’re working 40. That means you’re spending an extra 10 hours a week at work.

“It’s up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum.”

I’m not throwing shade at anyone who works more than the minimum. But if you could be working less and still keeping your boss happy, then think about what those extra 10 hours giving you. Faster growth? More fulfillment? A path to promotion? Extra time to do the low priority but fun stuff?

Make sure the extra time you’re spending at work is serving you, not just your company.

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